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Monday, November 2, 2015

Braeden Sparks '17- U.S Department of Energy, Fluor B&W

Braeden Sparks
Class: 2017
Major(s): Computer Science/ Sociology minor
Hometown: Portsmouth, OH
Internship: U.S Department of Energy, Fluor B&W. SMIDD (Site Maintenance Infrastructure and Deactivation and Demolition) group.
Location: Piketon, OH

Internship Responsibilities: I have helped inventory and enter information for 2,500 parts, some of which were purchased when Goodyear Atomic was still the prime contractor at the Portsmouth site. By cataloging the data into the CostPoint database, parts will be easier to locate when they’re needed on site.  It is estimated that this could save the D&D Project more than $240,000. I also developed a location on site for caged areas and sea lands containers for parts that are needed on site. I then reviewed the Shipping and Receiving Process that took place on site and developed new ways to improve the process of receiving a package on site and making sure it is delivered to the buyer of that item.

What I Learned: During my internship, I learned a great deal of knowledge of how a government facility works and pursing day to day operations. I knew that this internship was a great part of my education and seeing a different side of computer science. This was a great experience to be part of and I learned a lot. This internship gave me better team building skills, working with others, using Microsoft Excel and Google Docs, organizational skills, communication skills and friendships. This opportunity has been a great experience and I will not forget my time here. Overall, this internship is going to be a great asset to my resume and I will take all the things I learned with me to future internships and jobs. 

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