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Monday, November 3, 2014

Nikki Sherbahn '15 - Exel, Inc.

Name: Nikki Sherbahn
Year: 2015
Major: Management
Hometown: Danville, OH
Internship: Human Resource Intern at Exel, Inc.
Location: Westerville

Internship responsibilities: 
Interaction and reporting to the Human Resource Manager while executing assigned projects. File maintenance and reorganization, conducting ASC (America's Support Center) orientations, affirmative action planning distribution and feedback. Interacting with Exel senior leadership while performing research and completing projects. Handling scorecard report, diversity planning, and communicating updates on projects as necessary.

What I learned: 
Throughout my time at Exel I have learned several new communication skills from meetings with senior level management, constant contact through email and over the phone conversations. The ability to be clear, concise, and direct while also being friendly is extremely important in the professional workforce. I have also picked up many different skills in planning large events for the associates here at America’s Support Center. I am also gaining experience using several software systems through my internship. Specifically the use of Oracle HRMS (Human Resource Management System).

Advice about searching for an internship:
Put yourself out there! Do not be shy or embarrassed when conversing with people. Always slip in to conversation that you are looking for more experience and would love an internship (paid or unpaid) when talking to strangers. Also, FOLLOW UP! Give the company a phone call to check on your resume and/or application, it lets them know that you are seriously interested. Be polite, have good manners while interviewing, and most importantly, be confident!

Advice about how to make the most of an internship experience: 
It is obvious that no one really enjoys paper pushing. But do it anyway, with a smile on your face. Pick up any tasks that you can get and don’t be afraid to ask for more! Always look for new things to do, you won’t believe how much you can learn. By offering your help anywhere possible, it also shows others within the company that you are flexible and willing to take on new tasks.

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