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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Audra Kohler '14 - OhioHealth

Name: Audra Kohler
Class Year: 2014
Major: Business Administration with a concentration in marketing
Hometown: Canton, OH
Internship: Events and Sponsorships Intern at OhioHealth
Location: Columbus, OH

Internship Responsibilities: 
Some of the responsibilities I have are managing budgets for both events and sponsorships, and I work on logistics as well. Since we have sponsorships with the Blue Jackets, the Crew and the Columbus Zoo, I recruit volunteers for OhioHealth nights as well as coordinate other logistical details.

What I learned: 
The marketing and communications department at OhioHealth works similarly to an agency. We work with a broad spectrum of people throughout the department on multiple projects at a time. I’ve learned how to prioritize and project manage. I've worked on a market research project with the other interns, and we have learned how to strategically approach a project from the beginning.

Advice about searching for an internship: 
Use the resources we have here at Otterbein. I found this internship through the CardinalCareers website. I've also used other resources like, but I've had the most luck finding internships through the CCPD.

Advice on how to make the most of an internship experience: 
My managers have always pushed me to work outside of my realm, and I've definitely utilized that. I've been on video shoots, sat in on meetings I would not have otherwise attended, and worked on projects just for the opportunity. These experiences have allowed me to learn a lot more about my field. 

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