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Monday, March 14, 2016

Braeden Sparks '17 - Portsmouth Ohio Police Department

Name: Braeden Sparks 
Class Year: 2017
Major: Computer Science
Internship Site: Portsmouth Ohio Police Department
Location: Portsmouth, Ohio

Internship Responsibilities: During my internship, I was able to assist detectives in various investigations in the Portsmouth, Ohio area. I visited homes of victims to collect statements, served a search warrant for DNA at the Scioto County jail and got approval from a suspect for collection of cellular data. I also called various locations for surveillance footage, responded to crime scenes and completed online searches for individuals pawning a firearm under disability. Other duties included assisting an individual for Sign Language interpretation, completed ride-alongs with officers and various office.

What I Learned: From this experience, I gained a great deal knowledge within the law enforcement field.  I gained in-depth insight from investigations including possible kidnapping, burglary, domestic violence, robbery, drug abuse, suicide, filing false police reports and sexual assault. This experience gave me the opportunity to understand and collect the proper knowledge needed for pursuing my career in law enforcement.

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